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Welcome to the “Leaders for Humanity Masterclass

The Leaders for Humanity Masterclass aims to address the complex challenges leaders face today by nurturing ethical literacy and cultivating practical wisdom. Guided by our “Leaders for Humanity” interviews with highly distinguished global thought leaders, participants will embark on a profound and transformative journey to redefine 'good' leadership.

Challenging reductionism and championing critical thinking the Masterclass encourages shared learning and Socratic dialogue to generate a more profound understanding of our societal challenges. Instead of offering simplistic answers, it poses deeper questions and provides support and curated resources for personal exploration. Embracing a philosophical approach and transdisciplinary dialectics we seek to develop new narratives and practices for ethical organizations that prioritize human and ecological flourishing.

Join us on a challenging yet rewarding journey to become the conscious, courageous, and caring leaders humanity needs.

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Philosophy Meets Leadership

The Masterclass In A Nutshell

The "Leaders For Humanity Masterclass"

Join our first Masterclass and let the bright minds of our Leaders For Humanity series guide you on our journey towards good leadership.

What's It All About? Our world is complex and in need of thoughtful responses, demanding that leaders enhance their understanding of philosophy, economics, management and psychology. We must step into our civic and human responsibility, beyond simple profit maximization. This unique course promises a transformative journey, empowering inquisitive leaders to redefine their perception of organizations and leadership, and examine their own role in shaping a better economy. Over the course, participants will embark on a quest to review our leaders for humanity interviews, going deeper and broader in their examination. Their mission: to uncover how to make wiser choices and take more responsible actions in their daily lives and careers.

Who is it for? As the French philosopher André Comte-Sponville aptly put it, philosophy is a demanding endeavor that requires significant effort, study, and the utilization of specific tools. To engage in philosophy is to think critically, act responsibly, and draw upon the wisdom of both historical and contemporary thinkers. But as a committed leader with an interest in philosophy, economics or leadership and organisational development, a student or PhD candidate, or a loyal listener to our Leaders for Humanity series, you will be able to rise to the challenge.

How Is It Different? This course isn't just another leadership masterclass on the market. When we were developing Leaders for Humanity, we uncovered a treasure trove of knowledge within and beyond the interviews. Our goal is to transform this rich insight into an innovative learning experience for you. We envision a space where you can grow and evolve alongside others who share your passion and curiosity. And here's the best part: this invaluable journey won't cost you a dime.

Join us now in this unique Masterclass where we seamlessly blend leadership and philosophy, unlocking new horizons of understanding and growth. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience that reshapes the way you think about leadership!

What Can You Expect?

Not Just Another Leadership Development Programme

Discover an enriching journey of leadership transformation with our Masterclass, where exclusive access awaits you.
Unlock Early Access: Secure your spot in the vanguard of leadership innovation with priority entry to our upcoming courses within the Leadership Society.

  • Deeper: Engage with Sophisticated Thought: Immerse yourself in complex philosophical theories and transdisciplinary concepts designed to refine your critical thinking and ignite rich, meaningful discussions.
  • Broader: Depth and Diversity in Learning: We don't remain at the surface. Dive deep into our comprehensive modules that thoughtfully unpack the multi-faceted nature of ethical leadership, exploring the delicate interplay between human fulfillment, ecological sustainability, and societal thriving.
  • Further: Learn from the Esteemed Minds: Gain exclusive insights from interviews with preeminent philosophers, scholars, and practitioners whose contributions have been pivotal to the landscape of ethical leadership.
  • Join an Inspired Community: As an alumnus, maintain your momentum in a fellowship of forward-thinking leaders, all committed to nurturing a legacy of impactful leadership and continuous development.
  • Unlock Early Access: Secure your spot in the vanguard of leadership innovation with priority entry to our upcoming courses within the Leadership Society.

What's In It For Experienced Business Leaders

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What's In It For Researchers and Academics

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What's In It For Policy Makers And Change Agents

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What's In It For Philosophy Enthusiasts

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Get Inspired By Great Minds!

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A Prototype

We have created this prototype for the good of all. Our intention is to support “good leaders” – wherever they are - to become their very best; and to equip them with the necessary insights and experiences to contribute to a hopeful future for all of us. In our quest “for good” we have been carried forward by the thoughts and conversations of many friends and colleagues. Our thanks go to all of you, wholeheartedly - you know who you are! We wish all participants of this course much good and joy on your personal leadership journey, Antoinette and Otti

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overview of the masterclass

A Quest for Wisdom: Five Stops, Deep Immersions, and Reflective Moments

A Quest for Wisdom

Embracing Freedom and Flexibility

Welcome to a learning experience like no other! In our 'Leaders for Humanity' course, we've meticulously crafted a structure that uniquely balances the need for guidance with the freedom for personal exploration and self-directed learning. We understand that true learning thrives in an environment that is both supportive and liberating, and that's exactly what our course offers.

Our course is designed with a minimalistic structure, providing just enough framework to guide you without being restrictive. Each module covers a distinct area of leadership and human development, but how you approach these modules is entirely up to you. You can dive deep into the topics that intrigue you the most and pace your learning according to your schedule and preferences.

Instead of a rigid curriculum, we provide a rich array of resources – from readings and webcasts to interactive discussions and workshops. You're free to engage with these materials as you see fit, creating a learning pathway that's uniquely yours.

While you have the freedom to learn independently, you're never alone. Our course offers a vibrant community platform where you can share insights, seek feedback, and engage in stimulating discussions with fellow learners and experts.

Learning Journey


Module 1: What is good? What is a good society?

  • This module is not just an introduction; it's a deep dive into the timeless questions that have intrigued minds for centuries: What is a good life? What constitutes a good society? We've brought together a panel of esteemed experts, who will challenge your thinking and encourage you to reflect on your own beliefs and values. These include for example, Ed Freeman who will introduce you to the concept of stakeholder theory in business ethics, prompting you to rethink traditional business models. Paul Adler will take you through the intricacies of corporate governance and its impact on society. Blaine Fowers will add a new dimension to your understanding of virtue ethics, while Alicia Hennig will bridge Eastern and Western philosophies, offering a comprehensive view of ethical leadership.

Module 2: What is a good economy?

  • Dive into the second module of the "Leaders for Humanity Masterclass," where we explore the critical question: What does a good economy look like? This module brings you face-to-face with renowned experts who challenge conventional economic thought and inspire visionary leadership. Bruno Frey introduces you to the concept of 'Economics of Happiness,' while Margit Osterloh's insights on management and organizational governance will provoke you to rethink how businesses operate and contribute to society. Henry Mintzberg, with his critical approach to strategic management, will guide you in questioning existing business structures and their role in the economy. Stefano Zamagni's expertise in social economy and ethics offers a unique perspective on how economic systems can serve the greater good. And many other clever minds of our time await you.

Module 3: What is good work?

  • In this module, you'll gain insights from distinguished experts such as Emanuele Quintarelli and Hari Tsoukas about the question what good management could look like, and how it can contribute to the creation of a good organisation? The interviewed thought leaders will provide you with a deeper understanding of management beyond traditional practices, challenging you to rethink how management styles can profoundly impact organizational success and well-being. E.g. Emanuele Quintarelli will open your eyes to the world of digital transformation and its implications for modern management, pushing the boundaries of how technology can enhance organizational efficiency and employee engagement. Hari Tsoukas, with his profound knowledge of organizational studies, will guide you through the intricacies of complex systems, helping you understand how to navigate and manage within dynamic and often unpredictable environments.

Module 4: What is good leadership?

  • During the fourth module of our masterclass we delve into the realms of Leadership, Moral Development, and Wisdom. This module is dedicated to unraveling the profound question: What makes a good leader, and how can we develop them? We've brought together an exceptional panel of experts, including Gert Biesta, Bill Torbert, and Simon Western, who will guide you through this journey of discovery. Gert Biesta will challenge your understanding of educational leadership, emphasizing the importance of values and ethics in shaping leaders. Bill Torbert will introduce you to the concept of 'Action Inquiry,' demonstrating how self-reflection and continuous learning are critical to effective leadership. Simon Western's analysis of leadership psychology will provide you with a deeper understanding of the human aspects of leadership. 

Module 5: The Good Leadership Theory

  • In the fifth and final module we explore and actualize the concept of the 'Good Organisation.' This module is not just a conclusion but a transformative expedition that seeks to redefine what our organisations can and should be. We have the privilege of drawing upon the profound insights of experts like Mats Alvesson and Carol Sanford. Mats Alvesson introduces us to the concept of "functional stupidity" — the idea that organizations often unconsciously encourage a lack of critical reflection, resulting in a failure to harness the full potential of their people. On the other hand, Carol Sanford brings to the table the "regenerative paradigm," a visionary approach that goes beyond sustainability. She advocates for organizations that don't just aim to 'do no harm' but actively work to regenerate communities, environments, and societies. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is This Course For?

The Masterclass caters to the interests of a variety of potential audiences:

  • Experienced Leaders and Executives: Seasoned professionals in leadership roles, preferably with executive experience, who are committed to deepen their understanding of ethical leadership through advanced academic content. 
  • Senior Managers and Decision-Makers: Professionals in senior managerial positions who can dedicate significant time to engage with complex philosophical concepts and apply them to practical leadership challenges.
  • Researchers and Academics with a Focus on Leadership: Scholars and researchers specializing in leadership studies or related fields who are seeking advanced insights to enhance their expertise.
  • PhD Candidates and Postdoctoral Fellows: Individuals pursuing or holding advanced degrees, particularly in disciplines related to leadership, ethics, or organizational studies, looking to augment their research with practical, philosophical perspectives.
  • Corporate Ethics and Sustainability Leaders: Professionals in roles dedicated to corporate ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility, aiming to integrate advanced ethical principles into their organizational practices.
  • Entrepreneurs with Advanced Educational Backgrounds: Business owners and entrepreneurs with higher education credentials interested in applying advanced philosophical concepts to shape the ethical foundations of their ventures.
  • Policy Makers and Change Agents with Advanced Degrees: Individuals in positions of influence within governmental or non-governmental organizations, holding advanced degrees, and interested in leveraging philosophical insights for societal impact.
  • Philosophy Scholars and Enthusiasts: Individuals with a strong background or keen interest in philosophy, willing to engage with complex philosophical theories and apply them to leadership and organizational contexts.
  • Continuous Learners: Individuals with a curiosity for exploring profound questions, embracing ambiguity, and committed to ongoing personal and intellectual development.

Generally speaking, we are looking for individuals who bring solid life experience and expertise in their chosen fields, with a desire to go deeper into philosophical thinking and inquiry. Moreover, our aim is to bring theory and practice together, so ideal joiners have a desire to apply and experiment with new insights in their respective jobs and careers, especially as educators or leaders focused on people and organisational development.

What Will I Learn?

  • Advanced Understanding of Ethics: A deep understanding of ethical theories, philosophies, and their practical applications in complex organizational contexts. 
  • Critical Thinking and Philosophical Engagement: Knowledgeable engagement with complex philosophical concepts and ability to question and break through one's own thought patterns and biases.
  • Deeper Appreciation of Responsible Leadership: Application of transdisciplinary approaches to leadership by integrating insights from philosophy, economics, sociology, and other relevant disciplines.
  • Practical Wisdom and Organizational Impact: Cultivate practical wisdom to inform ethical decision-making in leadership roles and capacity to foster ethical practices within organizations.

In addition, we will reflect collectively, through both class and group conversations, how to bring philosophy to leadership in both business and education.

What Are the Costs?

  • The course is free. However, a minimum amount of effort is required by all participants to safeguard the group learning experience.

How Long Does It Take? Can I Balance The Class With My Full-Time Job?

  • Core Class: The joint sessions will take about 36 hours, consisting of one 90 minute session per week. There are approximately twelve 90-minute classroom sessions (every two weeks) and twelve 90-min group reflections (every two other weeks) over a six month period.
  • Leaders for Humanity Interviews: In addition, we encourage every participant to watch at least half of our Leaders for Humanity interview sessions, together in the groups or within their own time. We currently have a total of 25 interviews, which are between 1 and 2 hours long, and come with selected pre-readings and reflection questions.
  • Course Work: We encourage participants to capture their own reflections for each module. In addition, for those who would like to obtain a formal certificate, there will be a final paper (max 1500 words) to be submitted within 6 weeks after the formal closure of the course.
  • Self-Study and Deep Dives: For every module we will provide indications for further inquiries and highly curated topical reading lists for interested participants.

How Is the Course Evaluated? Are There Exams or Practical Projects?

  • There are no formal evaluations. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the class content and interviews within group sessions and relate their thoughts back to monthly plenary Q&As.
  • In addition, we suggest participants to capture their own and group insights in a personal leadership diary.
  • For those who would like to obtain a formal certificate there will be a final paper to be submitted after the end of the course. The paper will not be graded, but will require a pass mark by qualified faculty. Papers can be resubmitted.

Will I Receive A Certificate Or Formal Qualification?

  • There is an option to obtain a formal certificate from the Global Society for Good Leadership. This will require the submission of a final reflection paper summarising personal insights about ethical leadership and their potential application.
  • All qualified participants can also make an application to become members of the Leadership Society.

Are There Any Prerequisites or Qualifications Needed to Enroll?

  • There are no formal pre-requisites.
  • However, in order to make most of the Class and support a collective learning experience we encourage participants to bring solid life experience, a minimum of professional experience, and a willingness to engage and fully participate in all the joint class and group sessions.

Can I Access Course Materials Online and Are They Available After Course Completion?

  • Yes. All resources will remain available for participants.

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