“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” (Meg Wheatley)


During the last few years, we have encountered many inspirational "freethinkers“ – passionate individuals who truly care about their organisations and the world, and who courageously have embarked on a quest to find, articulate, and try out new, human- and value-centric ways of management. What unites all these professionals, colleagues and friends is their willingness to engage in open and constructive dialogue with others, their dedication to critical thinking and practical wisdom, their profound belief in the spirit of humanity, and their passionate desire to make a positive difference, beyond themselves. We owe much to those people, and this initiative is dedicated to them!

We are convinced that only by staying in dialogue, engaging with the liminal perspectives and diverse worldviews of others,and by combining the best of mind, heart and practice, will we be able to master the challenges of our times. We believe in a need to deeply and collectively examine ourselves and the (organisational) world we live in, so that we can continually develop our consciousness and capacity to thrive in deep interdependence with each other and our planet. And we believe in the art of action. It is time to identify and integrate effective tools and practices to unleash the full potential of our beautiful organisations and stop organisational suffering, for the good of all! With this series, we hope to offer valuable insights and create new opportunities for shared learning and doing, to help a better future to emerge. Thank you for joining in!

new freethinkers panels to be announced soon!

Our launch week has finished: Watch this space for recordings and next panels!

After 10 panels with over 25 speakers during our launch week we are now working on the recordings and takeaways from the sessions. All the contents will be made available to registered participants by the end of September. Also, our schedule for the next (fortnightly) conversations will be published soon! Please watch this space for further announcements! :-)


Who is a Freethinker: Role Models in Our Community

Freethinkers are seasoned crafts(wo)men who are passionate about building “good organisations” and embody (a personal quest for) "Freethought" and practical wisdom. Their aim is to evolve themselves and the organizations they touch towards true excellence – integrating performance and flourishing, agility and community, through better practice. They want to make the world better, enabling fair returns, meaningful work, thriving ecosystems, and contribution to a sustainable and just society. 

What is Freethinkers Corner: A Public Space for Generative Dialogue

  • Freethinkers Corner is about alchemy, love and transformation: the revelation of those hidden “truths and paradoxes of organisational life” and the collective discovery of how to spark performative energy for positive change
  • Freethinkers Awards (COMING SOON) are a recognition for insightful individuals that have enabled the transformation of evolution of organisations “for good” (aligned with the Brightline Transformation Spirit Award) 

Why do we need it? What are the goals?

  1. Parallel experimentation to continually develop and strengthen ethical and human-centric management practices
  2. Integration and propagation of the best ‘tools of the trade’ to offer lessons learned and toolkits to practitioners
  3. Critical thinking and co-development of a new and better business narrative to enable flourishing at work
  4. Regular interaction of a growing community of practitioners to mutually assist each other in cultivating the courage, compassion and wisdom to do good... in a safe space

How do we plan to run the session?

  • Not a typical “one-way” interview, but a playful dialogue to actively explore and integrate new ideas with practical experiences
  • Revelation of those hidden “truths and paradoxes of organisational life” with light and shadow, joy and pain, vice and virtue
  • Collective discovery and learning of how to spark positive change, develop it, shape it, expand it, maintain it – against the odds 
  • Possibility for co-hosting, co-organising and co-branding: this is meant to be a shared platform and endeavour 

How to nominate a panelist?

  • Simply use the webform on this site to send us a brief note with the name, potential topic and a brief explanation why you think someone would be a great panelist for a future session. We are always on the lookout for new insights and recommendations are always welcome!
  • Please do note that ours is not a commercial venture and we are not available for promotion of special interests, be they commercial or ideological. Our conversation will always remain focused on the needs of organisational transformers who want to "do good" for their communities and themselves.

"Warum" Freethinkers Corner?

[German Version]

Wie gelingt uns die radikale Erneuerung zu lebenswerten, nachhaltigen und kreativen Organisationen?

Vorschlaege gibt es viele: Groessere Visionen! Gruenere Ziele! Staerkere Führung! Modernere Strukturen, Technologien, Kulturen…

… Doch wir sind überzeugt: Transformation muss man neu denken! Wirklicher Wandel kann nicht einfach bedeuten, die Hitliste der “8 Kernpunkte der Unternehmenstransformation“ abzuhaken oder sich nur an Profit, Wettbewerbsposition und Shareholder Value zu messen. Vielmehr müssen wir uns vor jedem Wandel erst einmal die Frage stehen: Wozu und wodurch? [Read on]

speakerS information (Alphabetical ORDER) 

Antoinette Weibel 

Professor of Human Resource Management and Organization Transformation, Co-Founder of Good Organisations

Antoinette is a Swiss leading expert in Human Resource Management and a distinct thought leader in trust-based HR. She is the Director of the Institute for Work and Employment Research University of St. Gallen and Full Professor of Human Resource Management and Organization Transformation. Her research areas include trust, HRTech, engagement, corporate trust-ability and managing stakeholder distrust. She also has a particularly strong passion in HR/organisations practices leading to human thriving. Following this passion, she recently co-founded the Good Organisation project which aims at developing organisations that are good for the people inside them, as well as good for the wider ecosystem. The main objective of this project is to enable a global dialogue about how to craft good organisations and to create a movement for positive change. In addition, Antoinette also holds other prestigious positions, she is the President of FINT (International Network of Trust Researchers) and an Executive Board Member of the Swiss Academy of Social Sciences and the Humanities. 

Benjamin Taylor

Managing Partner at RedQuadrant, Chief Executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy 

Benjamin is a managing partner at the public sector consultant RedQuadrant and the chief executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy. He studied philosophy, politics, and economics at Oxford University before becoming co-ordinator of a youth development charity. For seven years, he was adviser to the leader of Hammersmith and Fulham council. That led to a career in PricewaterhouseCoopers and Sector Projects (part of Capita group), where he worked with clients from the Government of Armenia to Birmingham City Council. He has undertaken voluntary accreditation missions for Youth Business International in Bangladesh, Norway and Dominica. Benjamin is passionate about commissioning, systems thinking, customer-led transformation, lean, and generally thinking about better ways to run and lead organisations. He is an accredited power+systems trainer and lean six sigma black belt. Benjamin is a visiting lecturer in applied systems thinking at Cass Business School, City University, and has lectured at Nottingham Business School and Oxford Said/HEC Paris. Note: RedQuadrant is a network consultancy working to transform the experience of customers and employees. They design and implement transformation work in services and public services, and build their clients capacities to help themselves. 

Daniela Landherr

Executive Coach, Leader, Lecturer, Speaker

Daniela is passionate about catalyzing inclusive and engaging cultures of innovation in organizations. For this purpose she inspires and coaches leaders to develop themselves and multiply their impact in order to create a passionate and engaging work culture where employees feel included, co-create effectively and grow together in order to drive innovation. Over the course of the past 20 years Daniela has been engaged in the fields of talent engagement, leadership development, cultural transformation, executive and leadership coaching, team effectiveness and psychological safety. She obtained a Master in Change from INSEAD and completed an Executive Leadership Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. During her 15 years at Google Daniela built and led several multinational teams and guided senior leaders to effectively transform their teams and organizations to maximize their potential in order to drive cutting-edge innovation. In addition to her coaching and advisory engagements, Daniela offers several lectures at various universities, serves on multiple boards and delivers inspiring keynotes internationally.

Donna Okell

Founder and Director of UK for Good

Donna is the founder and director of UK for Good, B Leader, and Positive Change Maker. Following 35 years spent running family businesses, working for the Queen's bank, and running a charity she had a lightbulb moment. It was clear that the needs and expectations of people and the planet were rapidly changing, yet businesses weren’t adapting. The new rules of business are about purpose, people, planet, and prosperity… not just profit. Of course, larger businesses were developing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) commitments, but there seemed to be very little support for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) which account for 99.9% of the 5.6 million or so of businesses in the UK. In 2021 Donna set up Cheshire for Good, a B Corp Pending business with a clear purpose to inspire, inform, and enable SME businesses to grow successfully, AND sustainably. Whether a business has no idea where to start their better business journey, or is ready to pursue B Corp Certification, Donna and her team have written a range of cost and time-effective programmes to help. Having proved that the place-based ‘Region for Good’ model works, Donna has recently announced the launch of UK for Good and hopes that every county will join UK for Good as a Region for Good… all working together to create a better tomorrow.

Emanuele Quintarelli 

Partner & 3EO Micro-Enterprise Lead at Boundaryless, Senior Advisor at eFM and Entrepreneur at Cocoon Pro 

Emanuele is a partner at Boundaryless, a world-leading design and organizational development agency for the age of interconnectedness and pervasive technologies. The agency helps organizations transform into ecosystem-driven platforms, transforming the way people work and produce value: by operating as hubs, platforms “organize” interactions, skills & resources beyond traditional organizational boundaries. For the last 20 years, Emanuele led global teams across sectors, cultures, and continents at the intersection of strategy, change, and technology, to help large complex organizations become not just more efficient but especially more humane. Well-versed in organization design and new organizational models, he’s a practitioner, trainer, and facilitator in Holacracy, Sociocracy, Renanheyi, Whole Scale Change. His purpose is to let the full potential of humanity blossom through purposeful, adaptive, and ecoistic organizations. Emanuele is also a senior advisor at eFM, a platform company which operates with the logic of reuniting the physical and the digital, conceiving each space as a hybrid environment, capable of generating increased experiences. Finally, he is also an entrepreneur at Cocoon Pro, a last-generation company devoted to fostering real value creation in the world-wide work ecosystem.  

Gergely Hodicska  

Scaling Engineering Organisation Expert, Co-Founder @ CraftHub

Gergely, also known as “Felhő,” is a former VP of Engineering at Bitrise and IBM Budapest Lab (formerly Ustream). With the help of Prezi & IBM Budapest Labs, he recently co-founded the spinoff CraftHUB whose mission is to make knowledge available and to help tech crafters to continuously improve their skills. He works to make his development team and the whole company a real learning organization and organizes for that conferences such as Craft (craft-conf.com) and Stretch (stretchcon.com). He enjoys putting together and optimizing systems as well as learning and discovering new connections. He has been doing so both as a developer (e.g., for the world’s 30th busiest website or the largest live stream service) and, for some time, as a leader. For him, continuous improvement and the creation of an environment where everyone has room to grow and fulfill their potential are vital. He likes when the collaboration reaches a level where the whole is much more than the parts together and to be in a culture where only the idea matters, not the person who has that idea. In a similar fashion, he is passionate about Conscious Leadership and believes that he first needs to improve himself before helping others to do the same. As a meta goal, he aims to steward the creation of an organization where everybody is a leader and where he interprets leadership as a means to inspire others (and himself) for a better outcome. 

Gertje van Roessel

Coach Self-Management and Chief International Officer at Buurtzorg

Gertje is a nurse, a coach and international coordinator at Buurtzorg, the company in Holland that revolutionised Home Health Care, since its start in 2006. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in nursing, in 1983, from the University of Nijmegen, she began her career as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands. Gertje also completed two postgraduate degrees, the first in healthcare innovation and the second in healthcare management. She worked for years as a community nurse in the Netherlands and had several management roles in Home Healthcare organizations. Through these organizations she is since 1985 connected with the founder, and CEO, of Buurtzorg, Jos de Blok and is nowadays involved with the internationalisation of Buurtzorg. Working as a coach with the self-managed teams at Buurtzorg in the Netherlands and being responsible for setting up, and supporting the worldwide network of Buurtzorg, she developed an expertise in self-management - how it does work, the dynamics of a Teal organisation, leadership in Teal organisation, coaching in a Teal organisation, coaching teams and management of organisations in transition.

Heidi Gutekunst

Co-author of Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in-Action, Co-founder and CEO of Amara Collaboration 

Heidi is the co-author of Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry-in-Action. She is also co-founder and CEO of Amara Collaboration, a social enterprise with the vision to double the worldwide number of transforming leaders. She works with transformations, for individuals, teams, and systems/organisations, and with a special interest in gender dynamics, feminine power in leadership and developing less hierarchical structures. Heidi has worked most of her career in traditional and digital advertising agencies and has won several national and international awards in innovative advertising, branding, design and digital service design. Prior to founding Amara, Heidi served as a CEO for a digital advertising agency and led the company through a transformation which resulted in improved financial performance, greater employee satisfaction, conquering new strategic offerings, turning customers into accounts and winning both national and international awards for the first time in years. This inspired her to work more widely with transformations. Heidi is also a mother, travels for work and life and is a regular speaker at international Business Forums interested in her personal entrepreneurship and transforming ability. 

James Priest

Co-founder and Learning Facilitator at Sociocracy 3.0 Academy 

James travels internationally providing organizational development consultancy, learning facilitation and mentoring for people wishing to evolve collaborative, adaptive organizations at scale. He combines extensive experience of sociocracy with 15 years practice in the fields of holistic organizational development, facilitative leadership and personal and relational transformation across a variety of sectors from corporations, to non-profits, children and communities. An advocate of life-long-learning and practices for more conscious collaboration, he currently spends most of his time helping others to learn about Sociocracy 3.0 and working with organizations who wish to evolve enterprise agility through pulling in patterns from S3. 

Note: Sociocracy 3.0 Academy is designed to help people learn how to get the best out of S3 patterns and grow and maintain agile and resilient learning organizations, where BOTH the people and the organization thrive.

JB Dernoncourt

CEO & CDO Copap

JB spent 10+ years at global retail giant Carrefour, across multiple continents. At the age of 32, he was named CEO of Carrefour Romania, a 17,000 people 2Bn$ business he transformed into a Freedom-based company. As a leader has more time when he trusts, he added to that role the function of Chief Digital Officer of Carrefour Eastern & Northern Europe, effectively leading the full end to end digital transformation of a 30,000 9Bn$ group of companies. He then moved on to Copap, a Canadian-based supply chain financing mid size business with the mandate to transform it under the same freedom-based assumptions. JB recently founded Agbaa, exponential advisor, a COO as a service firm whose aim is to help tech start ups and mid size businesses turn exponential. Trust, Freedom & Accountability are the underlying pillars of the business' value proposition. JB lives in between Montreal, Canada and Israel.

Joan Lurie

CEO of Orgonomix 

Joan is the CEO of Orgonomix, a company she founded in 2008 to assist leaders and organisations to transform themselves and to function at their growing edge. Her work integrates strategy, systems thinking, complexity and adult development theory. Joan works with executives and leadership teams to help them rewire their thinking to be more systemic, and to design and lead complex adaptive and second-order change in their organisations. With over 20 years of practice and experience, she has taken up both internal corporate as well as consulting roles, helping companies achieve turnaround results – emerging new cultures, operating models and different organisational systems, whilst simultaneously building their adaptive capacity. Through this practice and experimentation, Joan has developed Orgonomics™ – a proprietary methodology which provides a ‘map’ for leaders to navigate the emerging complexity they face in the new economic landscape. As a developmental psychologist and systemic change leader her core purpose is to ensure that leaders and organisations are able to continuously develop, adapt and grow to be fit for and thrive in their complex, ambiguous, uncertain and volatile context. Functioning at their growing edge and developing their adaptive muscle used to be a ‘nice to have’, but it has now become an individual and organisational imperative; one has to accelerate it for the good of the whole ecology.

John Knights

Chairman of LeaderShape Global

John, Chairman of LeaderShape Global, strongly believes that changing the world for the better starts with increased awareness and consciousness and requires everyone to be a leader. An engineer turned businessman, John followed an international corporate career being appointed first a Corporate VP of a Fortune 100 company and then a main board director of FTSE100 before he was 40. His next career was as an entrepreneur where he founded eight companies, primarily in environmental technology and IT. In 1998, his life changed when he learned to coach and while supporting other CEOs started to understand what was missing in both his own and others leadership capabilities. He has spent the last 20 years working with colleagues to develop a journey of development to become a Transpersonal Leader. This has included many publications, the most notable and acclaimed of which is the evidence-based textbook, “Leading Beyond the Ego” (2018) being published by Routledge. A sequel, “Transpersonal Leadership in Action” was published in February 2022. John has coached many senior leaders globally and been involved in the design and delivery of state-of-the art leadership programmes (including 100% remote) using advanced andragogic methodologies.

Note: Transpersonal Leaders operate beyond their ego, continuing personal development and learning. They are radical, ethical and authentic while emotionally intelligent and caring. They create performance-enhancing and sustainable cultures.

Justin Hughes

Expert on Building High-Performance Cultures

Justin is a strategic adviser who helps senior leadership teams deliver. Clients have included Microsoft, the United Nations and Mercedes Formula 1. During the Covid-19 crisis, Justin walked his own talk as L3Harris’ Director Integrated Airline Services. In one of the hardest hit sectors, he managed a major change programme in a fast-moving environment. Most recently, Justin led a successful million dollar fundraising round for a biotech startup focused on eliminating agriculture’s estimated 2bn tonnes per year of CO2e production. Justin’s passion for high performance evolved from his experience as a fighter pilot and on the Red Arrows, performing over 250 displays worldwide. Justin is the author of The Business of Excellence (Bloomsbury, 2016) and during a recent intellectual mid-life crisis, completed a master’s in International Relations at Cambridge. He planned a thesis on pandemics but thought nobody would be interested(!), and instead analysed the threat posed by cryptocurrency to the financial order; he is currently sitting on a return of 1000%; unfortunately he only bought $30.

Lara Bezerra

Founder of and Chief Purpose Officer at WorkCoherence 

Lara is a mother and a wife who had positions as President, Managing Director in different Multinationals in 7 countries and three continents for 27 years. She was the first female to assume the Executive Presidency of a Bayer affiliate in Latin America, and the first woman elected as chairperson of Cavenal, the German chamber of commerce in Venezuela. She pioneered many positions as a female leader. But what she is prouder about is being the first executive senior leader to have the title of Chief Purpose Officer because, for her, bringing Purpose to people's life is her mission. In line with her passion of working with people, contributing with Purpose, and living an intentional life, she started the WorkCoherence project after she had to leave the company she loved and her dream job as a "Chief Purpose Officer". WorkCoherence is an expression of gratitude for every learning experience gained from working with great teams and organizations that made it possible for her and her family to live her Purpose. Lara has a very peculiar leadership style, bringing all organizations that she led to higher top ratings of engagement scores. She delivers more than simple financial results; she transforms organizations because she believes in the people she works with. In particular, one of her strengths is the ability to transform her knowledge into teaching material that people "can learn" from and, consequently, transform businesses through transforming people and thus, obtain excellent results through Collective Purpose.  

Laura Müller

Open Wedding Speaker / Open Ceremonies at  Goetterfunken, Executive Trainer & Energy Worker

Laura is a practising holistic trainer, energy worker and musician living in Switzerland. Working to support executives and their teams in shifting perspective, acknowledging new opportunities in the here and now. She moves energy aiming to activate and unleash the innate potential and authentic self of leaders looking for their highest calling. She helps the mind release limiting beliefs and supports this process through embodiment practices that allow the physical and mental memory to align, integrate and reshape. Throughout the past 10 years she has experienced various challenges as an employee, entrepreneur, and leader herself. Taking responsibility at a young age allowed her to connect with the various needs of business stakeholders and seek solutions to previously unsolvable challenges. Her continuous drive for healthier organisational and human ways of conducting business and entertaining dialogue have led her to today’s holistic practices centred around the human being as the core of any transformation.

Lionel Yang

Business Philosopher 

Lionel is currently in co-creation with various entrepreneurs to re-imagine the "blueprint of the good" in finance, technology, leadership, research, education and professional development areas, for the future of sustainability and regenerative models. He derives a trans-disciplinary co-creation approach, based on his own methodology accumulated over more than 2 decades of working creatively with entrepreneurs, as well as in his own entrepreneurial journey (https://lnkd.in/g9GM2eMi). He argues that the trans-disciplinary co-creation approach redeems our sense of self from separation to collective consciousness. Lionel has accumulated more than 25 years of proven business transformation and series entrepreneurship experience through integrative creativity in research & discovery, education & professional development, technological acceleration and collective creativity. He recently founded Tai Yi - 太易, a humanistic and benevolent value-based sustainable change initiative which acts as a co-creation accelerator and promotes unbounded sustainable creativity. This co-entrepreneurship community brings together entrepreneurs and innovators to co-create and co-entrepreneur such as to achieve a bigger whole (or higher common). 

Michael Smith

Chief Impact Officer at IMPACT BRIDGE 

Michael is an influential leader with 15 years of experience in advancing sustainable development and creating lasting value for leading organizations. He works with purpose-driven leaders as a fractional Chief Impact Officer at IMPACT BRIDGE by helping them bridge key gaps to grow purpose, value and impact. Global clients include high-growth startups, scale-ups, leading multinationals (incl. their brands/subsidiaries), as well as VC/PE funds, impact investors and their portfolio companies. He has a track record of developing strategies that enhance value creation, grow stakeholder trust, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage through greater purpose, transparency, accountability as well as higher social/environmental performance. He engages with chief executives and boards, works across internal teams and supply chains to design, develop, procure and market high-quality products and services that benefit both the people and the planet. Michael also acts as a trusted advisor, consultant and coach to purpose-driven executives, boards and teams. He particularly loves being a strategic growth partner for organizations with shared values. He is passionate and skilled in helping leaders build and grow better brands that win by being best for the world! 

Michele Zanini

Co-founder of Mlab and Co-author of Humanocracy

Michele is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller 'Humanocracy', published in August 2020. The book's premise: top-down power structures and rule-chocked management systems--the defining features of virtually every large-scale organization on the planet--have fast become a liability. Instead, Humanocracy lays out a detailed blueprint for creating organizations that are as inspired and ingenious as the human beings inside them. Michele is also a cofounder of the Management Lab, where he helps large organizations become more adaptable, innovative and engaging places to work. In 2022, he co-launched The New Human Movement, a video series in partnership with Fast Company which features over 50 of the world's boldest thinkers and radical doers who are reimagining work, management and capitalism for a new age. He has a deep interest in unearthing new insights on how we manage, lead, and organize, and distilling their practical implications. Michele is an alumnus of McKinsey & Company and the RAND Corporation, and holds degrees from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and the Pardee RAND Graduate School.

Otti Vogt

Leader for Good, Co-Founder of Good Organisations

Otti is a disruptive thinker, amateur poet, unacknowledged internet entrepreneur and passionate global leader with over 20 years spent at the coalface of transformation. His mission is to “ignite the human spark” and craft better organisations to attain sustainable prosperity for all. He believes it’s time for “Eudaimocracy”: future organisations must become both ethical and adaptive, nurturing entrepreneurial communities with purpose, character and wisdom. Otti earned his stripes running large and complex global businesses and leading multi-billion- dollar transformation programmes to create agile learning organisations. As COO and Chief Transformation Officer in ING, he was accountable for ING’s digital transformation and services for more than 20m customers. He is a certified leadership coach, a top 20 Global Thinker and Influencer on Agile, and author of an upcoming book on leadership and organizational transformation. But above all, he is a connector—of people, theory and practice, and of hearts and minds.

Paul Hargreaves

CEO - Cotswold Fayre & Flourish, Author "Forces for Good" & "The Fourth Bottom Line", B Corp Ambassador, Vistage Speaker 

Paul is a well-known character within the speciality food world for both for his insightful views on the sector and general business “know how”. Paul’s blog “Speciality Bites” is widely read by retailers and producers alike, and he is often asked to contribute to debates and articles within the industry. His background includes an M.A. in Zoology and 10 years working in the charitable sector in inner-city London. He became involved in the Bala Children’s Centre seven years ago, as a way of giving back to the wider world community. Since then Cotswold Fayre has become the key partner in starting business projects in Kenya associated with the children’s centre with the goal of making the centre completely self-sufficient for its day-to-day running costs. Paul is also the Founder and Chief Executive of Cotswold Fayre Ltd, a speciality & fine food wholesaler supplying nearly 2,000 retail outlets throughout the UK. The business grew from the cellar of his house in London to become the leading wholesaler to farm shops and delicatessens in the UK. The company’s ethos of working in partnership with its suppliers makes it the most sought-after wholesaler for the many new brands launching in the sector. Cotswold Fayre has been certified as a B Corporation since 2015. B Corps are companies that meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance and strive to change the world for better. Paul has also had a book published recently on purpose-driven business called "Forces for Good".

Rachel Murch

Co-Founder & Principal Advisor - The Maonach Group 

Rachel is passionate about creating human-centered organizations that can change the world. She is a recognized thought leader in developing organizational ecosystems that embrace complexity and increase business agility and one of the co-founders and principal advisors of The Maonach Group, which was founded on the belief that there are better ways to enable organizational change. Their main mission is to help leaders change their organizations into dynamic, adaptive systems. For that, they specialize in designing transformation initiatives with senior executives through a facilitated understanding of market forces and other disruptions impacting the business model, translating that into a structured understanding of impacts to the enterprise operating model. From there, they chart transformational paths across how the enterprise is organized, the way in which it works, and the way in which it makes investment decisions focused on realizing strategic goals. Formerly, Rachel was also responsible for organisational design in Zappos.

Remo Rusca

Social Entrepreneur & Interior Developer, Co-Founder of Musterbruch GmbH and VillageOffice 

After a classic career in international banking at the beginning and then around 15 years in events, marketing, sponsoring and sustainability, and most recently reputation & branding, Remo changed path fundamentally in 2016. He became co-founder of the VillageOffice cooperative, which is committed to establishing decentralised coworking in residential communities. In the same year, he also founded Musterbruch GmbH whose ultimate purpose is to promote human growth in companies and projects and to grow in responsibility. It also aims at strengthening bridges between rural and urban areas by establishing networks and competence clusters for rural areas. Based on the conviction that decentralised systems are more forgiving, more open to experimentation and thus more open to change, he published the first texts on a human-centred, smart understanding. For him, the human factor is above all and finding people who are willing to endure the storms in a transformation has a lot to do with trust and letting go. Today, he mostly focuses on transferring his knowledge and passions to organizations, teaching institutions and concrete projects.

Richard Claydon

Chief Cognitive Officer - EQ Lab 

Richard is the Chief Cognitive Officer (CCO) of EQ Lab. In his work, he examines how people handle the complexity and ambiguity of modern organisational life and how original thought emerges in fast-changing, highly uncertain, often toxic environments via resilient coping methods, such as irony and black humour. After having been awarded the highest achievable marks for a PhD in behavioural science (a Harvard Top-200 Management expert and business columnists for the Guardian newspaper have described his research as “a touchstone for the future work in management and organisation”, “outstanding in daring imagination” and “at the forefront of modern discussion and debate”), he has spent over twenty years working in management academia and business as a consultant, manager, coach, speaker, lecturer and researcher. Based in Hong Kong, he helps organisations prepare for post-industrial and digital work by addressing organisational misbehaviours, decision-making in complex environments, people and culture as strategy, psychological safety and collective intelligence. He is also the founder of roundPegz, a community of disruptive thinkers operating and a founder-member of The Prometheus Project, a group of international leadership experts disrupting the leadership development market. 

Sabine Kluge

Partner of kluge+konsorten GmbH

Sabine is an economist with her main focus being on strategy, corporate management and systemic business coach. The largest German HR magazine (Personalmagazin) has nominated her as one of the 40 leading HR minds in 2019 and among the 20 most important HR influencers in 2020 in the German-speaking realm. With her company Kluge+Konsorten GmbH, she accompanies organisations in their digital and cultural transformation with regard to their strategy, HR, leadership and organisational development. As part of her commitment to cross-company collaboration, she received the HR Excellence Award in 2017 together with her corporate community WOLCOP. In addition, she received the Xing New Work Award and the German Human Resource Management Award (Leadership category) in 2018 for her involvement in transformation projects in the manufacturing environment of a technology company.

Sonja Blignaut

Founder of More Beyond and co-founder of ComplexityFit

Sonja helps people and organisations thrive in uncertainty. She partners with those who need to navigate, make sense of, and lead in our topsy-turvy complex world. She spans the boundaries of leadership, OD & change, strategy, risk, innovation, and marketing. In short, she works wherever there is complexity, which nowadays is more or less everywhere. Sonja is the founder of More Beyond and co-founder of ComplexityFit. She is also the ex-CEO of Cognitive Edge (now The Cynefin Co). She is a globally sought-after teacher and speaker on topics related to Complexity, Cynefin, Waysfinding, and enabling Future- and Complexity Fitness. Sonja mostly works in the corporate sector but has a passion for the environment and social development. Some of her clients are Ikea, Accenture, Nedbank, Liberty, Momentum Metropolitan, Waters Romania World Wildlife Fund and many others. 

Simon Western

CEO Analytic-Network Coaching, Founder of The Eco-Leadership Institute, Past-President ISPSO 

Simon has an international reputation as an academic and practitioner. He brings an unusual depth and breadth of experience to the world of leadership, coaching and organizational change. Currently his portfolio of work includes coaching and consulting to CEO’s and international leaders, to deliver significant service and delivery improvements. He offers ‘thought leadership’ to support strategic change in today’s ‘network society’, specializing in distributed leadership to ensure ethical and dynamic leadership occurs at the edge as well as the centre of organizations. As Chief Executive of Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd, Simon trains advanced coaches internationally, with the aim of creating a network of coaches who support the leadership that is required in today’s network and global society. In addition, Simon has taught at leading international business schools, with recent keynote speaking in UK, Russia, Belarus, Poland and at international HR and Coaching conferences in Europe. He also has a pedigree of teaching internationally and publishing on leadership and coaching. 

Ted Rau

Director of Sociocracy for All (SoFA) and Program Director of the Sociocracy Academy

Ted spends most of his time training and consulting in sociocracy and leading SoFA as an organization. Sociocracy is a system of governance that seeks to create psychologically safe environments and productive organizations. It draws on the use of consent, rather than majority voting, in discussion and decision-making by people who have a shared goal or work process. Sociocracy has informed and inspired similar organizational forms and methods, including Holacracy and the self-organizing team approach developed by Buurtzorg. Ted is also co-author of the sociocracy handbook "Many Voices, One Song". With that groundwork done, he is now working on more real-life implementations as Program Director of the Sociocracy Academy. He enjoys writing articles, and teaching meeting facilitation. People and their universal need to connect and move things are at the center of his attention. He pays attention to the co-housing movement, transgender rights, and non-violent communication.

Tim Mooney

Founder & Principal Advisor - The Manoach Group 

Tim’s professional focus for the last 25 years has been on the intersection of technology and the organization— having worked as an operational leader driving efficiency, to a technologist implementing complex solutions, to a trusted strategic advisor for C-level executives. He brings a systems-thinking mindset, focusing on simple approaches that enable enterprise-wide leadership and decision making. Tim has worked with a diverse collection of companies, from mid-sized niche businesses to global household brands, including Zappos - across a number of industries. He is one of the founders and principal advisors of the Manoach Group whose main mission is to help leaders and organisations to uncover their wisdom, craft a vision, and create a path to its realization.

Timm Urschinger

Co-Founder and CEO LIVEsciences AG

Timm is the co-founder of LIVEsciences, a radically self-organized company, that walks the talk. This move was inspired by his experiences working on change programmes, Organizational Design and Execution and consultancy for big corporations such as Roche Pharma, among others. As Agility have become mainstream, Timm and the team at LIVEsciences are on a mission to unleash the potential of people through Self-Organization and New Ways of Working. Timm is also the co-founder of LIVEventures, a venture capital firm investing in the Medical Devices Industry - unleashing the potential of people in another way.Timm is passionate about unleashing the potential of people in big corporations and regularly organises the Teal Around The World #TATW annual conference, as well as many other inspiring and engaging activities for the worldwide community of Teal practitioners.

FREETHINKERS toolkit (coming soon)

Building a repertoire of trusted and tested resources

  • You will find recommended tools and resources from every Freethinkers session here, indicating also where to find further information, contacts, etc
  • Our intention is to develop a systematic library of useful tools, techniques and lessons learned - developed from practitioners for practitioners and with information about how these are successfully used. We were inspired by Peter Senge's Fifth Discipline Fieldbook and we will try to build on his work.
  • Please bear with us - it will take some time to get some structure and order into it! ;-)

recommended RESOURCES From and for FREETHINKERS

If you would like your own articles to be included or if you know of other important freethinkers, please do get in touch via our contact form.

Check out our #LeadersforHumanity Series!

We started our adventurous inquiry last year to investigate the nature and genesis of “good organisations”. In a nutshell, our exploration is focused on bridging philosophy, psychology and management science to understand how to craft responsible businesses that enable a "good society". 

As part of our inquiry, we have launched the “leaders for humanity” interview series. In these sessions we seek to engage wise individuals and thought leaders to explore together what it means to develop individuals, organisations and society “for good” - going into some depth and academic rigour, whilst still keeping it relevant also for a (truly) interested audience. So far, we have interviewed more than 20 globally renowned researchers in the area of business ethics such as Ed Freeman, Alejo Sison, Andre Habisch and Blaine Fowers but - owing to the breadth of our inquiry - also management and leadership scholars such as Henry Mintzberg, Jane Dutton, Stefano Zamagni, Carol Sanford, Otto Scharmer and Paul Adler, as well as educational philosophers like Gert Biesta and economists like Bruno Frey. Find all the recordings and materials here...


Traditional LEADERSHIP (DEVELOPMENT) has Failed!

new ways to grow as a leader

LEVEL 2: TRANSFORMING our organisations

Traditional organisations are suffering machines!

how organisational vitality can become a reality


Traditional Capitalism IS DEAD

what we need now are new ideas

our preferred

#freethinkers AND COMPANIONS OF TRAVEL to follow

Welcome to our very subjective "alternative selection" of global freethinkers and changemakers who we follow and cherish.

We have found all these thought leaders, colleagues and friends special - in as much as they share a hopeful belief in a "good" humanity, are willing to unselfishly walk the extra mile to stimulate and engage in a necessary dialogue about important questions of our time - unafraid to add a critical voice whenever needed, and embody the importance of personal and collective development. And, maybe, because the beauty of their souls just shows - shifting the constellations they touch to a higher level of energy. Please found our evolving "honor list" below, indicating the specific field we believe each freethinker is contributing to.

We THANK YOU all for your contribution to our collective "co-elevation" and co-development in the service of life...


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Nelly Ovcharova

Marketing Director

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Silvio Christoffel

Head of Digital Transformation

Identifying and strengthening good organizations is necessary to master the pressing challenges of our time.

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Sara Fontanet

Communication & Community Director

Together we are stronger. The time has come to gather and reflect on how we can bring "goodness" in individuals, organisations and society as whole.



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EQ Lab

EQ Lab

$366 billion is spent annually on leadership development but only 10 to 15 percent of leaders who get training establish permanent change. EQ Lab is here to change that. We transform leadership thinking and practice through live, cohort-based interaction that improves intergenerational and intercultural communication, leadership adaptivity and social capital.



The HR Congress is a portfolio of top level HR events for senior leaders of the people function tasked with the mission of Designing and Building People-Centric Organizations. Our events bring together an influential, thought leader community to Share Ideas with Impact.


University of ST.Gallen

The University of St.Gallen is more than just an educational institution; it is a place of inspiration where thinking is valued and actively promoted.